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Адрес: ул. Евгена Сверстюка 11б, БЦ Амарис, 1 этаж, г. Киев,
Телефон:+38 (068) 280-18-18
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  • Rent of scooter
  • Rent of scooter
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  • Rent of segway

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Rent of scooter "Ninebot" in Kyiv

Hire charges of Ninebot Mini PRO Hire charges of Ninebot Mini PRO:
150 uah / hour
450 uah / full day

Hire charges of Ninebot Mini Hire charges of Ninebot Mini:
150 uah / hour
400 uah / full day

Rent reservation or consultation

Rent conditions of Ninebot:

  • - Kyiv delivery as per taxi tariff (free of charge in case of a big order)
  • - Customer pickup Livoberezhna (Kyiv Metro)
  • - Introductory briefing free of charge
  • - Deposit for Ninebot Mini PRO - 300$, Ninebot Mini - 200$.
  • - We can accept technics in the capacity of a deposit, but not private documents
  • - We will make a discount in case of a big order!
  • Rent of Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES2 in Kyiv
  • Rent of Ninebot KickScooter in Kyiv
  • Rent of Segway Ninebot in Kyiv

Photos from our rides

Rent of Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES2 in Kyiv

Hire charges of Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Hire charges of Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES2:
25$ / full day

Rent reservation or consultation

Currently scooters aren't available for rent
If you want to rent a scooter in the future, leave your application.
We will definitely consider it!

Rent for TOV

Comfortable and fast movement around the city is one of the main issues that worries people. Bicycles are certainly a good way to go, but they can cause a lot of inconvenience.And scooters came to help people.

Among the best, if not the best, are scooters made by Xiaomi Ninebot Mini, and Ninebot Mini Pro. This compacted transport is the salvation for people who value their time and energy, allowing them to quickly move not only along the streets, but also in office premises.

However, not everyone can afford buying a scooter.Nevertheless, the goal of saving time remains actual. To this end the Remontli company will help our clients. We provide an opportunity to rent scooters.

What is the major benefit of rent? A possibility of hourly and daily payment. In case you are afraid that after purchasing this device it may lie at home and be covered by dust, rent of scooter is an option for you. Moreover, rent of Ninebot will allow you to improve your knowledge of this scooter before buying it, acquaint yourself with peculiarities of control, and ensure whether it is worth buying, or find an option that is better for You.

Two models of scooters are presented to the attention of the buyer. The compacted Nineboat mini and Nineboat pro are two variations of one model. You have the opportunity to try both and decide which one is best for you. Having an understanding of several models, it will be much easier for the client to choose which scooter to rent or buy.

Moreover, TOV Remontli provides an opportunity to order a scooter anywhere in Kyiv. You can pay for Ninebot delivery directly from your phone, and receive it at any convenient time. Or, if you don't want to pay for delivery, you can pay by bank transfer, and then pick it up by yourself. And a free introductory briefing will not make you feel like you have paid money to just fall and not budge. The staff will brief you on the matter, explain how to use a scooter.

However, rent of scooter is very suitable for companies. A possibility of cashless payment allows you to rent Nineboats hourly and daily, which will be very convenient for managers and employees. Thus, employers can help their employees save time on moving around a large office space, and employees who work outside the premises will be able to move faster. Cashless payment, delivery of scooters in Kyiv, as well as the ability to choose for how much time to rent Ninebot allow companies to optimize the time and energy costs of employees, which will positively affect both their mood and productivity.

If you have always been thinking how to optimize time and energy resources as much as possible, then the scooter made by Xiaomi Ninebot Original will help you to do this. You can rent the model you like, order delivery, or pick it up yourself. So if you have a desire to try this method of transportation, or try Nineboats before buying it, you can rent it at Remontly.

Rent of scooters Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro and Ninebot Mini – have real fun!

You shouldn't sit at home on warm days. Gather a friendly company and go for a ride! And in order to make the day unusual and funny, spend it on the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro scooter. In the Ninebot Ukraine store you can rent a scooter model you like for 1 hour or even for the whole day. At the same time, the cost of renting these gadgets in our store is quite affordable.
But that's not all. Big companies get great discounts in our store. And the more friends you gather, the cheaper it will cost to rent a device for each of you!
Rent of scooter Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro in Ninebot Ukraine

Take an hour's ride around the city, or organize a real day-long adventure. We guarantee you will never regret spending your day off on this two-wheeled platform!
Another pastime option: fun competitions with interesting prizes and congratulations to the winners. Unleash your imagination, and we will provide you with the means to bring it to life! Riding on the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro or Mini scooter is an opportunity to look at familiar places in a new light. This is a vivid impression and a real pleasure to drive. And, after all, this is a sport.
Scooters Ninebot – Peculiarities of control
We, Ninebot Ukraine store - stand for a healthy lifestyle, vigor and sports passion! And also - for safe driving. For this reason, we offer you a rent of Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro and Mini scooters with knee sticks. These are easy-to-use devices that don't put you at risk of injury or injury to others.
The knee stick enables precise, accurate and immediate maneuvers. And if you are afraid that you will accidentally exceed the speed - these are completely useless fears! Our scooters slow down when you approach the maximum speed mark. So, as you can see, your day on a scooter will bring only positive emotions - without surprises and injuries.
If you are dreaming of buying a Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro, but postponing the purchase until better times, do not deny yourself the pleasure of a ride with the breeze today!
Rent of scooters Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro и Mini for large companies
Our offer regarding the rent of scooters can also be of interest to large companies that organize exhibitions and outdoor events. Renting scooters for your employees optimizes work processes and maximizes the speed of completing tasks.
Are you thinking of buying a few Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro gadgets for permanent use in the office, but doubt how your employees will be able to handle them? Rent several scooters for 1 day, and you will surely be convinced of the correctness of your decision! Indeed, on average, in order to get used to operating the device, a person of normal build and average height needs 2-3 minutes. And after 30 minutes he or she becomes a real professional!
Finally, riding the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Pro and Ninebot Mini scooters is real fun. Do you still have questions? Ask us. And if there are no questions, we are waiting for you in our store. And then - only courage and new impressions!

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